Equipped with years of experience in the field of critical infrastructure, our in-house design and drafting teams craft detailed and holistic building design and layout plans for our clients. Some of the services we provide include space planning, servers and equipment placement, and power & cooling planning.

These plans take into account our clients' specific needs and constraints, as well as site reports and risk mitigation plans produced during the feasibility studies stage to design buildings that are cost-effective, highly reliable, and operationally efficient. Additionally, energy-efficient concepts and designs will be feasibly incorporated into building and data centre designs, benefiting our clients through cost savings and supporting ACME's belief in long-term environmental sustainability.

To assist our clients in making well-informed decisions regarding infrastructural design, design and layout plans are delivered in a comprehensive and organised manner. Through deliverables such as CAD/CAM and electrical single-line drawings and the usage of tools such as dynamic simulation and modelling, our clients can easily understand and evaluate building design and electrical distribution system plans.


We also offer our clients sound and informed advice to further aid them in making decisions.

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Acme Singapore

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