A quick recovery is crucial in the event of technical lapses in critical infrastructure. ACME provides 24/7 on-site troubleshooting and rectification support for critical infrastructure within 2 hours of activation by phone call. In case of emergencies, our professionally-trained technical personnel are always on standby, ready to be deployed on-site to conduct a comprehensive diagnosis of the problem and initiate efficient solutions.

All sites installed by ACME will also be automatically covered by a standard Defect Liability Period (DLP) of one year. During this period, we ensure proactive up-keeping of the critical infrastructure and equipment through scheduled periodic maintenance programmes formulated in accordance with the individual system’s needs, to minimise the occurrence of any unforeseen technical lapses.

We offer two types of programmes for post-handover management and maintenance.

Type 1: Preventive Maintenance Service

This programme primarily focuses on preventive maintenance for all critical infrastructure to minimise the occurrence of unforeseen technical lapses and prolong equipment lifespan. As part of this programme, we will conduct scheduled checkups for equipment periodically, which involves testing of equipment based on preset procedures. A test report on the status of equipment and any relevant recommendations will be provided to our clients following every visit

Type 2: Facilities Management Service

This programme is suited for clients who wish to outsource the management of critical infrastructure to focus on managing their core businesses. ACME can deploy a professionally-trained facilities engineer to be stationed at our client’s premises to oversee the operations of critical infrastructure. In the event of emergencies, the facilities engineer will be able to provide swift on-site analysis of the problem, and if required, immediately activate the relevant parties to rectify the problem. Our facilities engineers will also proactively conduct checks on the environment and equipment, providing regular reports on site conditions as well as any relevant recommendations to ensure the smooth running of operations. Communication efficiency will also be improved, as the facilities engineer will serve as a single point of contact between our clients and ACME’s maintenance team, as well as any relevant service providers or partners.

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