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It's the start of a new era. Showcase your envisioned future of DC design or equipment concepts on the topic of your choice. Winners will receive:

First prize - iPhone 12 Pro Max (256GB) or Galaxy S21 Ultra (256GB)

Second Prize - iPhone 12 (128GB) or Galaxy S21 (128GB)

Third Prize - AirPods Pro or equivalent earbuds


Plus exclusive designer outerwear, a customized pin set, and a sit-down with Acme's Managing Director, Jennie Tan, for a discussion on how we can work hand in hand with you to develop on the proposed concept — with you taking the lead. This challenge is open to all Acme employees. At least one submission from each department is required.

Winners will be revealed at the Acme Innovators' Conference in December

AIC Challenge begins on 1 November. Submissions close 17 December, 22:00 (+8GMT)

Submission guidelines

This event will open soon