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Acme Martis Cooling Solutions
Competitors' Cooling Solutions
ACME's Data Centre Infrastructural stability & reliability tests
Competitors' Data Centre Infrastructural stability & reliability tests
Data Centres built by Acme
Data Centres built by Competitors'


more efficient dynamic
cooling solutions


better infrastructural build reliability


less incident reports in the last year

Efficiency and Reliability

A powerhouse.


Acme Martis elevates the Industry Standard to a whole new level of pure efficiency and reliability. Wherever your ideas take you, you’ll get there faster than ever with high‑performance, low maintenance and optimum efficiency  — all within your legislative constrains.

Up to 80%

Faster cooling


Less space


cooler than

industry baseline


Custom-made in-built

chip for equipment monitoring

Easy and cost-efficient maintenance

More power for less


Our servers are blazing fast, with sequential read speeds up to 90% faster than the industry standard. The standard configurations are easy to maintain and cost-effective. And with dedicated Security Chips embedded into each server, everything is automatically encrypted on the fly.

Up to 98%

More cost effective


Less maintenance


cheaper to maintain


Custom-made server monitoring and maintenance alert system

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Acme Singapore

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Jalan 9 Kaki Bukit 1

# 01-11 Eunos Technolink

Singapura 415938

Telp: +65 6749 3259 (hanya Jam Kerja)

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